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Every person desires to be loved and cherished. We long for a sense of purpose and belonging. At Wesley AME Church, we are committed to bringing people into growing relationships: the family of God, the family of faith, and the family of Friends. Our goal is to help people find... "A Place to Belong". I am glad that you have taken time out of your busy schedule to visit Wesley AME Church website. I feel like the church should be a real place, a place where people can find warmth and meaning. The church should be relevant to the lives of real people in normal everyday situations. Many visitors to our website are searching for answers to some of life’s most challenging questions. My desire is that you will find the answer to life’s meaning and meet the great Son of God.  

We preach here that every man can find God, through Jesus Christ with the aid of the Holy Spirit. Please take your time and explore these pages. In each one you will get a snapshot of who we are, what we believe, what we do, and most importantly, why we do the things we do. If you have questions along the way, email us, give us a call, or better yet, pay us a visit! Our desire for you is to come to know the God who made you, and to experience the life He made you to live. There is no other adventure like it… there is no other life that compares.



Pastor Leo & Evangelist Mary Griffin​

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